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5 reasons to choose Normandy

Beyond its many and varied tourism assets, Normandy is a highly dynamic, innovative, business-friendly and welcoming economic region for your future projects. After California, Normandy is the most well-known region in the world. With over 127 million visitors in 2022, standout sites such as the Mont-Saint-Michel, the D-Day landing beaches and associated memorial sites, the cradle of the Impressionist movement, as well as its medieval heritage, Normandy is world renowned. These assets reinforce Normandy as a welcoming and dynamic region, not only for tourism, but also in the wider economic field.

Reason 1

A strategic location

Firmly in the London/Paris/Brussels triangle, the gateway to the northern European market and the Channel seaways, one of the busiest in the world, Normandy benefits from a geostrategic location, with a potential market of 200 million consumers in a 200km radius.

Reason 2

A dynamic region

There are multiple different sectors that provide Normandy with its richness and economic added-value. These strategic sectors, in the fields of production, innovation and exports, offer many different opportunities for businesses wishing to set up in the region, most notably direct access to a complete business ecosystem.

Reason 3

A welcoming ecosystem

In Normandy, the success of your project also depends on the richness of the supply of qualified human resources. Whether through study and training pathways, R&D infrastructure or by assistance provided for innovation, the region is an ideal location to recruit the talent you need for your teams of tomorrow.

Reason 4

A committed region

Normandy, through the environmental transition values it promotes, is committed to large-scale carbon reduction projects. An industrial region par excellence, it has made the green transition a priority objective as well as being committed to providing the best possible services for business in terms of guidance and financial assistance.

Reason 5

Your talent, our energy !