A strategic location

Firmly in the London/Paris/Brussels triangle, the gateway to the northern European market and the Channel seaways, one of the busiest in the world, Normandy benefits from a geostrategic location, with a potential market of 200 million consumers in a 200km radius.

Normandy has 3.3 million inhabitants, with a land area of 30 000km2, roughly the same size as Belgium.

With 650km of coastline, its ports and the dynamic nature of its businesses on the international front, Normandy – the maritime gateway to Europe – is the most open region in France. HAROPA Port (the maritime port covering Le Havre and the river ports of Rouen and Paris) constitutes the largest port-river complex on the Seine. Multiple links to Asia, the USA, the Middle East, Africa, with excellent transit times. All on offer on a daily basis in Normandy, providing access to all the international markets.

A dense network of road and rail infrastructure, as well as river transport offered by the Seine, provide easy access to French, European and world markets.