A dynamic region

There are multiple different sectors that provide Normandy with economic added-value.

These strategic sectors, in the fields of production, innovation and exports, offer the whole range of opportunities for businesses wishing to set up in the region.

Aeronautics, energy, chemicals, logistics, agri-food, living heritage businesses, services, artisanal products, the diversity of the Norman economy is structured around sectors and competitiveness hubs, as well as the many economic stakeholders which work in close partnership with the businesses. Normandy is also the cradle of brands and key businesses, not only its living heritage businesses, but also large industrial conglomerates, SMEs, micro-businesses and start-ups. This diversity and this historic know-how are integral to the wealth of Normandy and offer a flexible ecosystem, easing the way for multiple business plans.

Normandy, leading French region:

  • Industrial: highest share of industry in its regional GDP (20%) and industrial employment (16%)
  • Energy: over 26 000 employees in this sector
  • Logistics: container traffic with the port of Le Havre
  • Exports: cereals from the port of Rouen
  • Horses: largest number of horses, as well as employees and research
  • Glass: leading world hub for luxury glass making
  • Fishing: For the production of oysters, farmed salmon, scallops and for shell fish.
  • Dairy: For the production of cream, butter and fromage frais.

Normandy provides a complete service package, based on a network of public and private partners, working to help investors at each and every stage of their project. These include: Rouen Normandy Invest, Caen Normandie Développement, Le Havre Seine Développement, Caux Seine Développement as well as the local authorities.

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