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Normandy is world renowned for its research infrastructure, its major centres and the teams making up those centres.

There are over 11 000 posts in research and development, with 6 300 researchers, spread across around a hundred research units.

  • 2 200 PhD students, across 8 PhD schools
  • 150 research sites, of which 40 are linked to national research organisations (CEA, INSERM, CNRS, etc.)
  • 4 300 research-lecturers, across the universities of Caen, Rouen and Le Havre

Nationaly and internationally recognised research centres:

  • CYCERON: one of the best biomedical platforms in France for in vivo imagery;
  • GANIL: National heavy ions particle accelerator, on an international scale with “SPIRAL 2”, a one-of-a-kind accelerator;
  • PISSARO: renowned platform for the separation, identification and quantification of proteins and peptides;
  • CRIANN: regional IT and digital applications centre, notably in the field of intensive calculation;
  • PRIMACEN: research platform specialising in cellular imagery;
  • CNRT Matériaux: A mission to develop research partnerships in the field of materials.

Kitemarks’: 5 laboratories with a Labex kitemark (laboratory of excellence) and 7 with an Equipex kitemark (equipment of excellence). These are located in strategic sectors, such as energy, materials, bio-health and digital. For example:

  • GANEX for the development of low carbon-footprint electronics components;
  • SynOrg on the organic synthesis of molecules;
  • EMC3 on research for materials for energy and clean combustion;
  • GENESIS on the study and nano analysis of the effects of irradiation.

2 University Hospital Centres (Rouen and Caen) and 2 cancer treatment centres (The François Baclesse Centre in Caen and The Henri Becquerel Centre in Rouen).

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