Driving in the future: the first hydrogen bus

Last April, the Normandy Regional Council and Transdev inaugurated the first bus to be converted to electric fuel and powered by hydrogen. This innovation is a major step forward in the electrification of the public transport sector. The bus is currently being tested on the Evreux-Rouen line.
The bus, a Crossway vehicle manufactured by Iveco Bus, will be powered by an EAS-HyMob station.
Hydrogen and Mobility in Normandy
Normandy is a pioneering region in the hydrogen sector. Since 2018, the Region has been following a Hydrogen Plan to extend its use. You can check out one of our previous posts about this sector.

Normandy has a number of advantages in the automotive sector:

  • The ‘Mobility Valley’ with the Next Move cluster, bringing together players and boosting innovation.
  • A complete value-added chain, with manufacturers, buyers, testing and certification centres.
  • A transition to low-carbon mobility, with many stakeholders working and researching to develop electric vehicles.
  • Mobility is a key sector for Normandy, and one that is being revolutionised by hydrogen.
Case Energy and transition Mobility of the future

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