Ebusco: on the way towards decarbonised transport/a unique co-siting set-up

Our mission is to contribute to a better environment by enabling safe, sustainable, emission-free and affordable transportation ecosystems.”


What is Ebusco?

Founded in 2012, Ebusco is a Dutch manufacturer and distributor of 100% electric buses. Its journey began with a clear objective: to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality by developing the latest electric buses. Since the beginning, the company has been able to benefit from their technological advances and make significant progress to becoming a major stakeholder in electro-mobility. Today, with 345 staff and fleets across 7 countries, Ebusco is a leader in its sector. 

Which fields does the company operate in?

Stakeholder in the field of electric mobility, the company seeks to contribute to a healthier environment with public, sustainable and carbon-free transport: 100% electric buses. Jean-François Chiron, the CEO of Ebusco in France, explains that: “we have produced the lightest vehicles on the market.” Ebusco has received the WVTA European kitemark for a completely electric bus, the first in Europe.

Why this choice of set-up?

Wanting to accelerate its development of a decarbonised economy, Ebusco announced in July 2022 the opening of its French branch, alongside the opening of an assembly unit in Normandy. As Jean-François Chiron makes clear: “the setting up of a second production site in Europe, and new headquarters for our French branch, is an important stage for Ebusco in its development in France and southern Europe.” The new plant is located on the Renault site in Cléon, near Rouen. The will be a ‘co-site’, shared with Renault, a win-win solution for both companies. The Renault site in Cléon is in transition towards the production of electric motors for the group – a complementary activity with Ebusco – and has space available as a result. Moreover, the mobility sector in Normandy is very dynamic, notably with the Next Move competitiveness hub. As such, it will be easier for Ebusco to find skilled colleagues and a welcoming ecosystem. On top of this, Renault has opened an E-Mobility Academy, which trains staff in electric mobility.

A strong regional support package:

After a first contact in May 2021, AD Normandie was able to guide the project, most notably by offering an exceptional site, meeting the exact needs of the Dutch company. To support this €10 million investment, the Métropole Rouen Normandie and the Normandy Regional Council, via AD Normandie, offered a full support package to the project, including financial support, administrative help, as well as help in recruiting and training staff.

What does the future hold for Ebusco in Normandy?

The project set-up begins in June 2023, with operations on site beginning in January 2024. These will be ramped up through to June 2025, when the site should reach its cruising speed. The company has set an objective of producing and selling 500 buses a year to be fed into the public transport networks across France and southern Europe, revolutionising transport. At the heart of this investment are 150 jobs during the first two years, rising to 350 direct jobs in the longer term.  

The Ebusco investment in Normandy is an excellent example of a success. An un precedented project, demonstrating the capacity of public and private stakeholders to find innovative solutions to attract new companies to our region.

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