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Normandy, home to pioneering medical innovation with Blood’Up by Arterya

Normandy, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and rich history, is not just a haven for tourists but is also a dynamic hub for cutting-edge business ventures. At the forefront of this is Arterya, a Normandy-based start-up that has revolutionised arterial detection in France with its groundbreaking Blood’Up concept. This success story not only showcases the region’s commitment to innovation but also positions it as an attractive destination for businesses seeking a fertile ground for growth.

The Blood’Up Concept: Redefining Efficiency, Accuracy, and Patient Comfort

In a world where arterial detection is conducted every 3 seconds and millions of patients undergo blood gas tests, Arterya’s Blood’Up concept has emerged as a game-changer. According to statistics, 30% of arterial detections in France are unsuccessful, resulting in unnecessary patient discomfort. Arterya’s innovative medical device, in the form of a connected bracelet, addresses these challenges head-on.

The Advantages of Blood’Up

Blood’Up stands out for its accuracy, effectiveness, and practicality. The device accurately highlights the artery, ensuring a successful detection on the first attempt. This not only saves time but also significantly reduces patient discomfort. The practicality of Blood’Up lies in its reusability and adaptability to all skin types and body shapes, making it a versatile solution for healthcare institutions.

Supporting Innovation: The Role of Normandy’s Ecosystem

Arterya’s journey to success has been bolstered by the robust support of Normandy’s businesses. The region played a crucial role in funding Arterya’s research, emphasising its commitment to fostering innovation in the healthcare sector. The region’s dedication to supporting R&D initiatives positions it as an ideal destination.

Tech-Up Corner: A Catalyst for Growth

The success of Arterya is also intertwined with the support it received from the Selha Group, a member of the VIALOG consortium. VIALOG is comprised of 14 companies specialised in contract manufacturing and cross-channel logistics, including Selha Group, an electronics expert. Selha Group’s Tech-Up Corner, an industrial accelerator, played a pivotal role in Arterya’s journey by providing invaluable assistance in industrial transformation and financial research.

Choose Normandy for Business

Normandy’s appeal as a business destination is accentuated by its commitment to supporting companies like Arterya. The region’s blend of natural beauty, great quality of life and progressive business policies makes it an attractive location for entrepreneurs and innovators. Whether it’s the financial support from the Normandy region or the industrial expertise of groups like Selha, businesses in Normandy find themselves in an environment conducive to growth and success.

As Normandy continues to evolve as a business destination, it beckons companies to explore the untapped potential and vibrant opportunities it offers for growth, innovation, and success.

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