Murata: Excellence in microelectronics

Who are Murata?

Founded by Akira Murata in 1944, the Murata group is a Japanese electronic components manufacturer, the world-leader in passive electronic components. It has its headquarters in Nagaokakyō, in the Kyoto Prefecture of Japan. Over the decades, the Japanese group has seen remarkable growth, and has widened its range of components to meet the growing demands of the world market. Today, Murata is a leading stakeholder in the electronic components industry, present across many hi-tech sectors. The group has a worldwide reach, and has a company in Normandy. 

In which sector is the company?

The company works in the microelectronics sector. It designs, develops and produces a wide range of components, from wireless communication modules to ceramic condensers. These components are used across many sectors, notably household electronics, telecommunications, vehicles as well as medical equipment. The components designed by Murata are essential in the production of a large number of electronic products.   

Why choose Normandy?

Murata set up in Normandy in 2016, with the takeover of the Caen based Ipdia start-up. This SME, with 130 staff, was making passive integrated electronic components on silicon, with remarkable results. With this investment, Murata strengthened its presence in Normandy, whilst also improving the overall growth of the electronics sector in the region. In 2021, the company began working with three research laboratories in Caen to develop “new generations of passive electronic components”, according to Franck Murray, the director of the company’s French offshoot. In 2023, the company has been looking to expand its production line of silicon condensers, concentrating on PICS technology, offering performance “considerably higher in terms of electronic characteristics”, according to the Murata management

A significant regional assistance:

AD Normandie has been assisting the company with its projects, providing both financial support and help with its different innovation goals. This has helped and speeded-up Murata’s projects in Normandy, reinforcing the fruitful collaboration between the company and regional stakeholders. Normandy offers a number of large research laboratories, such as CIMAP (The Centre de recherche sur les ions, les matériaux et la photonique), CRISMAT and the GREYC (Groupe de recherche en informatique, image, automatique et instrumentation de Caen), which have been key partners for innovation development in microelectronics.  

What does the future hold for Murata in Normandy?

The company wants to create a new production line for condensers. This project, with an investment of €60 million, will begin in 2023 and should create around a hundred jobs between 2023 and 2025. Moreover, the collaboration with the research centres will allow the sector to innovate and face the challenges of new demands in the world market for electronic components, a growing market in many sectors, such as telecommunications and mobility.

The presence of the Japanese company Murata in Normandy helps the region to stand out as a major player in microelectronics, a growing sector with the digitisation of many fields.

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