The Gilbert Laboratories: the future of cosmetics is taking place in Normandy

Who are ‘Laboratoires Gilbert’?

Founded in 1904 in Lyon, the ‘Laboratoires Gilbert’ (part of the Batteur group) are specialised in the production and commercialisation of health and hygiene products for babies, children and adults. After the company was bought by Jacques Batteur in 1962, the site in Hérouville-Saint-Clair, near Caen in Normandy, was opened. Today, Laboratoires Gilbert has both a national and international presence, exporting its products to more than 80 countries worldwide. They are recognised as one of the world leaders in their field. Their success is based on their commitment to R&D, as well as their constant innovation. Today, the group has 6 sites in France, 4 of which are in Normandy.

In what sector does the company operate?

Laboratoires Gilbert have a reputation for their range of baby care products, such as hygiene products, skin care and medical products. They also offer health and hygiene products for adults: nasal sprays, digestion aids, food supplements, mouth and dental health products, etc. The company has 48 brands, with quality, safety and efficiency reputations. This has helped the company gain the confidence of health professionals and consumers the world over. Examples include Physiolac, specialised in infant nutrition, and Neutraderm skincare products.

Why choose Normandy?

Jacques Batteur had a strong attachment to the region, and this led him to set up the plant in 1962. Nowadays, Laboratoires Gilbert have their own R&D centre in Normandy, with clinical and scientific studies to develop new products and improve their existing range. Normandy offers many advantages for companies in the health and well-being sectors, with a complete supply chain coupled with an excellent ecosystem. The presence of specialised clusters such as Cosmetic Valley and Glass Vallée is also a sign of the dynamic nature of the region in these fields.

A strong regional assistance:

AD Normandie is helping Laboratoires Gilbert in its expansion project. To maintain constant growth and to meet the needs of a competitive market, the company brought in an active substance based on seawater,

“the active substance reinforces the cutaneous barrier and the skin’s natural defences. With ten tonnes of seawater, we obtain five tonnes of the active substance. We’re working on how to use the remaining five tonnes.”

as the industrial director, Mickaël Chavanne explains

To finance this project, the Normandy Regional Council has provided an ‘Impulsion Innovation’ grant of €161 366.

What future in Normandy for ‘Laboratoires Gilbert’?

The business is seeing an exponential growth. It’s the first company to have developed single-dose nose sprays in 100% vegetal origin plastic, and it is considered to be the number 2 in the world for sterile single-doses. The company’s aim is to break into the top 5 in the world of independent industrial and pharmaceutical laboratories. The development of the Batteur group and Laboratoires Gilbert in Normandy is based on a desire for constant innovation, with a focus on scientific research and respect for the environment. The group is also committed to social and solidarity projects, supporting charities and environmental projects.

Normandy is a fertile ground for expansion and development for Laboratoires Gilbert, due to the richness and diversity of the skills that are found here.


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