There are two categories of special zones, which offer advantages or uses that are more flexible than those elsewhere in the region.

Regional assistance zones

Set up your business in a regional assistance zone and benefit from advantages for your industrial projects.

This is assistance contributing to the economic and social development of the most disadvantaged European regions. These are offered through the French state or local authorities, and can take different forms: grants, loans, guarantees, tax and social contribution relief. Depending on your type of project, we can offer you solutions within these zones.

Rural revitalisation zones

Set up your business in a rural revitalisation zone and benefit from different opportunities, especially in the agricultural and agri-food fields. These zones aim to help the development of rural areas, notably through tax and social contribution relief. The objective is to concentrate State aid by helping job-creating businesses in rural areas that are the least populated and most impacted by demographic and economic decline.

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