Research platforms

Caen Normandy University Hospital

In order to stimulate clinical research, the Caen Normandy research hospital has built a new biology research unit, with a suite of laboratories specialised in health research

Rouen Normandy University Hospital

  • C2IORGA – Centre for innovation and engineering in organic chemistry and analytical chemistry.
  • COSMETOMICS – formerly Normandy sanitary security.
  • CYFLOW – Flow cytometry and cell analysis facility.
  • GENESIS – Study and nano-analysis group on the effects of irradiation.
  • PISSARO – Proteomics platform.
  • PRESEN – Research platform in applied environmental sciences.
  • PRIMACEN – Regional platform for cellular imagery in Upper Normandy.
  • RENADIAG TOFU – Advanced metrology platform and test beds: tracking of ultrafast phenomena.
  • SCAC – Behavioural analysis services.

Technology platforms installed by L@bISEN – Yncréa Ouest

The Living Lab Connected Room is an innovation environment dedicated to experimentation andthe development of technological solutions for intelligent and connected homes.

Deep-N-Coding is a specialised platform in the development of deep learning for the resolution of complex problems linked to artificial intelligence.

A network of instrument platforms: L-MAIR brings together a range of technology installations with advanced instruments and offers a superb environment for research and development of new applications in the fields of measurement, analysis and innovation.

Ocean Observ is a dedicated platform looking at and monitoring oceans, as well as providing data and tools to study marine ecosystems, model oceanographic currents and understand oceanographic phenomena.

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