Sectors and Competitiveness Hubs

Hubs: These bring together, from a specified geographical area and a targeted theme, businesses both large and small, research laboratories, and training centres. National and regional public bodies are closely associated with these initiatives, and this is the case within the Normandy region.

Sectors: These bring together different fields of excellence, as defined by the Normandy Regional Council, and act as interfaces with the principal stakeholder networks for these sectors.


NEXTMOVE: Nextmove is a European competitiveness hub for the car and mobility sector, covering the Normandy and Île-de-France (Greater Paris) regions. It brings together the main stakeholders from the French mobility and automotive sector around what is termed ‘Mobility Valley’ – an area of excellence on a European scale – inventing the mobility of tomorrow. Nextmove facilitates a network of 600 members, of which nearly 200 are in Normandy. It offers guidance to members on a daily basis about innovation, development, industrialisation and acceleration at regional, national, European, and international levels.

Tech & digital

POLE TES: The digital competitiveness hub in Normandy, representing an ecosystem of 150 members, covering large businesses, SMEs, local authorities, research and training institutes, as well as other organisations in the field. With its members and partners, the Pôle TES hub co-constructs the uses of tomorrow based on the triptych of ‘security/interoperability/viability’. These initiatives generate progress, turnover, jobs and added value for the area. 

NWX: Normandie Web Xperts is a group of digital entrepreneurs with the aim of bringing together sector professionals, producing synergies and developing the regional economy.

Agrifood and bioéconomy

VALORIAL: Agri-food competitiveness hub for the west of France, in the heart of the biggest agri-food catchment in Europe, Valorial covers the 3 regions of Brittany, Pays de la Loire and Normandy, bringing together 400 companies, centres of research and higher education institutes, looking at more intelligent food production.

B4C : B4C is the standout network in the field of bio-economy in France, in Europe as well as on the international stage. It works with over 500 members, from pre-planting right through to bringing finished products to market. This hub is the preferred partner of the Normandy Regional Council to become a leader in the bio-economy sector at a European scale.

AREA NORMANDIE: AREA Normandie works on behalf of the whole agri-food sector, a standout sector for the region. AREA Normandie works from a series of 4 key objectives: attractiveness; competitivity; social engagement and added value.


COSMETIC VALLEY:Cosmetic Valley is reference hub for the French cosmetic and perfume sector in Europe and throughout the world. It brings together all the knowledge of the sector, from plant culture right through to finished products. As such, the hub brings together all the links in the cosmetic industry’s supply chain: makers, suppliers, brands, equipment suppliers, distributors, services.

GLASS VALLEY: Glass Valley brings together around 60 companies, concentrated in the Bresle Valley on the border between the Normandy and Hauts-de-France regions. These companies represent around 70% of the world production of glass bottles dedicated to perfume, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and alcoholic spirits. With an ancestral knowledge, these companies cover the whole of the glass production value chain, and represent over 7 500 jobs. Glass Valley is a key element of the luxury “made in France” image, supplying all the luxury houses, whose products are shipped worldwide.

Horses and animal health

HIPPOLIA:The Hippolia hub is the only competitiveness hub, as kitemarked by the French state, dedicated to the equine sector. With its headquarters in Normandy, it brings together a network of 120 members from across the whole of France: business creators, start-ups, very small businesses, SMEs and large companies, as well as research teams and training institutes.


SOTRABAN: The SOTRABAN cluster brings together sub-contractors from the metal-working, plastics and electronics sectors in Normandy.

DIEPPE MECA ENERGIES: Dieppe Méca Energies is a cluster that regroups 125 businesses (nearly 8 000 professionals). These businesses supply in the fields of metal working, mechanics, finished products, construction as well as industrial and logistical services. Dieppe Méca Energies is firmly anchored in an industrial area, with strong port capacities, a business centre, business parks, and close to major infrastructure routes. 

Aeronautics, space and security

NORMANDIE AERO ESPACE: With 167 members, ranging from large industrial groups, airports and military bases, SMEs, research laboratories and educational establishments, NAE’s objective is to provide the aeronautical, space, defence and security sector with a major role in future large-scale projects.   

Energy & transition

NORMANDIE ENERGIES: The energy efficiency and energy mix sectors in Normandy are organised around four hubs: nuclear (energy and health); petrol; gas and renewables (solar, onshore and offshore wind, biogas, hydrogen, biomass); as well as new uses (energy efficiency, energy recovery, storage, mobility, intelligent networks). This hub has 275 members.

Maritime and River

NORMANDIE MARITIME: The mission of Normandie Maritime is to promote, develop and coordinate the regional economy sector. This is extremely wide and covers three main fields: ship building, ship repairs and ship dismantling; maritime service and work; and finally pleasure and leisure sailing.

Building & construction, public works

UNICEM NORMANDIE: The Union Nationale des Industries de Carrières et des Matériaux de Construction (UNICEM) brings together mineral producers who provide inputs into the construction and public work sector. There are 128 members in Normandy.

FFB NORMANDIE: The Fédération Française du Bâtiment is the professional organisation working on behalf of construction companies. It has some 6 000 members in Normandy.

CAPEB NORMANDIE: The Confédération de l’Artisanat et des Petites Entreprises du Bâtiment is the professional organisation representing artisans and small construction companies. It has nearly 3 250 members in Normandy.

FRTP NORMANDIE: The Regional Federation for Public Works represents, advises and promotes its 400-member businesses in Normandy.

Supply Chain and Logistics

LSN: Logistique Seine Normandie represents the Normandy supply chain sector. With over 200 members, it brings together logistics suppliers, carriers, industrialists, infrastructure managers, start-ups, solution providers, transport unions, training and educational providers, local authorities and other institutional partners.

Pharmaceutical & health

POLEPHARMA: Created over 20 years ago, Polepharma is the umbrella organisation for the industrial bio-pharmaceutical sector in France. This was the first industrial cooperation for medicines in Europe. With 415 members, this organisation works to ensure treatments made in France are of the highest quality, made in the best possible conditions and can contribute to securing public health, as well to employment and the local economies.


ARSEN: The Association Régionale des Entreprises des Savoir-faire d’Excellence Normands, or ARSEN (The Regional Association of Knowledge Excellence Companies in Normandy) represents around 50 members who all have a point in common: they hold knowledge, a specific or one-of-kind “gesture”, often ancestral and transmitted from generation to generation. The strength of ARSEN is to bring together known, and sometimes one-of-a-kind companies, with developing young start-ups, based on the idea of these “gestures”. The members of ARSEN demonstrate the richness of industrial know-how in Normandy, in sectors as varied as agri-food to textile, passing through foundries and the renovation of ancient buildings.  

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