Normandy : An open region for ideas and transformation

Normandy has always been an open region, exporting its history, its culture and its products to other parts of the world, whilst also embracing individuals, cultures and businesses from elsewhere.

As we face up to the ecological, social and economic challenges of the middle of the 21st century, Normandy is able to rely not only on the resources of its region, but also on the exceptional quality of life in Normandy, founded on equilibrium and elegance, on the spirit of conquest and innovation, and on the breadth of its international trade links.

The region has cultivated an environment where new ideas take root and flourish, contributing not only to its own evolution, but also influencing other regions – both within France, and far beyond. This has always made Normandy a fertile ground for pioneering advancements and positive transformations.

In a world where energy is a key geopolitical issue, Normandy is an energy exporting region – both to the rest of France and abroad. And this is energy from non-carbon resources: nuclear and renewables – Normandy provides around 17% of the French nuclear capacity. As investors have seen, it is very easy to ‘plug-in’ in Normandy.

And Normandy is also investing now in the energies of the future, such as hydrogen. We have skills developed over time in the production, storage and use of hydrogen in total safety (petrochemicals, chemicals and aerospace). We are also leading the way with the largest liquid hydrogen test site in Europe, alongside the development of the largest production project for H2Normand’Hy.

This is underpinned by support from the Normandy Regional Council, which in October 2018 became the first French region to approve its support plan for the hydrogen sector, with the aim of accelerating the energy transition and decarbonisation of the economy.

This bedrock of energy allows the Normandy industrial sector to flourish, with industry’s share of regional GDP in Normandy being one of the highest in France. And while industry and the Seine Valley – chemicals, petrochemicals, and vehicle production – are a key part of the Normandy economy, the economy of Normandy is not limited to the Seine Valley!

@Anne Soullez

@Anne Soullez

From the “Glass Valley” in the east of Normandy making bespoke and high-quality glassware for the perfume industry, to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, right through to ‘living heritage’ companies and world-leading equine, dairy and dairy-products and agricultural sectors more generally, Normandy’s economy is a stable, diverse, and key player both within France and beyond.

normandy cosmectics - Léo Lemasson
@Léo Lemasson

To complement the production side of the economy, Normandy also offers a highly-developed logistics sector, from transport and distribution through to stock management and the supply chain. With its location as a key gateway to the northern European market, on the busiest maritime route in the world, Normandy offers a privileged direct access to a potential market of some 200 million consumers, providing multiple benefits for foreign investors. Logistics plays a key role in the regional economy, embedded across the whole area: maritime ports, airports, rail infrastructure and a well-developed road network.

And proximity to Paris is important not only for logistics. A key asset of Normandy is being close to Paris, with access to markets, but also offering an excellent work/life balance for those looking for quality of life: a framework of superb landscapes, a rich and vibrant cultural heritage, gastronomy, and much more. Normandy has so much to offer those who want to make it their home and do business here.

And beyond these postcards, it is bursting with talent: a highly skilled workforce, innovative start-ups, leaders in their sectors… So many people and places to highlight as Normandy becomes known as a region not simply of France, but of the world!

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