From Cybersecurity to Nuclear and more : the development of the ‘Digital Bocage’

Fresh from showcasing the best that Normandy has to offer to the world during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas – the most prestigious international show for all things digital, electronic and technological in the world – Normandy is once again demonstrating that it is at the cutting edge of the digital sector.

The University of Caen – surprisingly the third oldest ‘English’ university after Oxford and Cambridge, founded in 1432 by the King of England Henry VI (About us · Welcome to University of Caen Normandy ( – seamlessly blends the historic with the ultra-modern.

The University is opening nine new courses in the fields of digital health, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and nuclear.  

These are all strong growth fields going forward, bringing the potential for new jobs to be created in what is quickly becoming the ‘Digital Bocage’.

From September 2024, students will be able to enrol for a digital cybersecurity Masters, including issues such as digital law, as well as courses on artificial intelligence, nuclear engineering and onboard systems.

All of these courses are designed to meet the emerging needs of the Norman companies working in these sectors.

Furthermore, the University has been awarded funding for four projects from the French state looking to “accelerate the changes needed to courses to meet the needs and skills of new sectors and jobs of the future”. These projects cover digital health, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and the new, key programme in Normandy called “3NC”.

“3NC” stands for ‘Nuclear Normandy, New Competencies’, a programme managed by the Normandy Regional Council, with stakeholders from across the region. Energy is key geopolitical issue, and it is good to know Normandy is an energy exporting region – both to rest of France and abroad via interconnectors.

And this energy is from non-carbon resources: nuclear and renewables. Normandy currently provides around 15% of the French nuclear capacity. This could rise to around 20% by 2035. As investors have seen, it is very easy to ‘plug-in’ in Normandy.

Cutting edge training, fast-growing sectors, energy security. And beyond all of that, Normandy is an attractive territory to recruit talents.

Digital in Normandy provides you with all the opportunities you need, coupled with an excellent quality of life set in a framework of superb landscapes, a rich and vibrant cultural heritage, gastronomy, and much more. Normandy has so much to offer those who want to make it their home and do their tech and digital business here.

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