🌍 Foreign Investment – 2023 Overview, a record year

Normandy reinforces its attractiveness.

📈The results from 2023 indicate a significant growth in the attractiveness of Normandy for foreign investors, as well as a positive impact on local employment.

Unlike previous years, this year most projects concern the creation of subsidiary companies. 

📍Why do foreign companies invest in Normandy?

Normandy stands out for its economic competitiveness, easy access to clean energy and a strategic location, easing commercial trade both within France and abroad.

With a raft of innovative sub-contractors, a diversified and dynamic economy, sector led groupings, a well-developed transport network, alongside a highly renowned excellence in research and industry, Normandy attracts industrial projects from across the globe. 

📱 Which countries 

Among the 22 countries investing in Normandy in 2023, the four leading countries are: 

  • Germany with 27 projects, 
  • United States with 17 projects, 
  • Italy with 12 projects – tied with the United Kingdom, also with 12 projects. 

It is worth noting that most investments come from Europe (70%) and the United States (16%).  

📱 What are the trends in Normandy for investments 

📈 In 2023, Normandy saw the following growth areas for foreign investments: 

  • The number of foreign investment projects grew by over 51%, from 76 projects in 2022 to 115 projects in 2023. 
  • The number of jobs safeguarded or created through these investments increased by over 41%, from 2 316 jobs in 2022 to 3 269 jobs in 2023. 

The total number of jobs generated by these 115 foreign investments in Normandy is 3 269. ​​ 

In 2022, the region welcomed 76 foreign investment projects and safeguarded 2316 jobs.

  What type of investments?

The creation of subsidiaries in Normandy is higher than expansion projects, or takeovers. 

  • Creation: 59 projects, 
  • Expansion or takeovers: 56 projects, 

For example :

Aeronautics, space, defence and security Agri-food and the bio-economy Cosmetics Energy and transition Horse and animal health Mobility of the future Pharmaceuticals and health Supply Chain & Logistics Tech & digital

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